Genesis 201 vs Wilson Maxx Series 2 ??

I am considering either of these two speaker systems. I am looking for opinions from anyone who may have experience listening to either or both of these speakers. I currently have Genesis V's and am looking to upgrade from these. Appreciate any insight on the relative strengths of either of these great speakers. Thanks.
Room is 18'3" x 14'10". Today the Gen Vs are on the short wall about 4' into the room. No restrictions in the room. Thanks.
krc I think your room may be a bit small for the Genesis 201 you would probably have too much bass even after proper adjustment to the crossover if room was 18 x 18 it would be more workable and good listening distance from the 201 is about 10 feet or so for proper driver blending so the 18 foot depth is workable the 14 foot width is little worrisome especially because of the speakers width they would be really close to the side walls.
Thanks James. I realized I did not answer your other questions. I put my system together in the early/mid 90s and have not touched it since. I have the itch to do something I thought about the speakers, hence this post. The current Genesis V's are being driven by Krell MDA 500 mono blocks. The preamp is a Krell KRC HR. For phono premap I am using 2 Krell KPAs so that I have dual mono all the way through. Turnatable is VPI TNT IV with the V bearing and SDS and Flywheel. Cartridge is V.D Hul Black Beauty. Digital is the Krell DT10 transport and Krell Reference 64 with a Genesis Lens between them. Overall system sounds great but have been thinking that things probably improved in the last 10 years. I enjoy all sorts of music from Classical to Rock to Jazz.
I have not heard the Genesis...

But I did hear the Maxx, series 1, a year or two ago. Driven by Boulder electronics.

Amazing with a capitol A. HUGE soundstage, very high resolution and detail, the definition of effortless dynamics, not fatigueing.
Hi Krc,
maybe I'm too late on discussion but I wonder which speaker you have choosen.
I own a pair of genesis 200 and had the opportunity a month ago, to hear a pair of the new Wilson/Alexandria, which costs more then the double as Gen.

First of all, without discussion both are great sounding speakers. You can have an endless discussion compareing their sound. This depends also on the electronics you use.
But there are 3 main differences between the systems which affect the sound character:
1)Genesis are full range "back fireing" speakers. This means you realy need a huge space between rear wall and them. Consider to dedicate 1/3 of your room for the system.But doing so you will have a depth in soundstage, which is incomparable with "front fireing" systems. This is esp. importend if you like symphonic and organ music.
2)The active driven woofers with more then 1000 watts of energy need large rooms, say minimum 60-70 m2. In this point I'm full agree with mejames.
3)The mid-range and tweeters of Genesis are ribbons. Thus give a big clarity and neutrality to this sound range. For some people the sound may be to open but for me "a must".