Genesis 1970-75

has anyone received the new Genesis box set?and how is it
Also,Where to buy SACD/NTSC version of box set at the best price.JD
I went with the redbook CD version of the Genesis 1970-75 set. I paid under a $100 for the set as I just didn't want to spring the $200 + for the SACD set, even though I have a dedicated SACD player.

I grew up with this period of Genesis and I just love the music, especially the "Lamb Lies Down on Broadway." The sonics on the redbook version are top flight, so if you like the Gabriel Genesis period/ early 70's prog rock, buying this set is a no brainer.

i meant the sacd box it being shipped yet?and how does it sound
I am not sure how he did the surround but you can read this article and draw your own conclusions. It appears they tried to get input from the band members.