Generic cleaning/fluid applicator brushes

Hello All...

I am on a tight budget with regards to acquiring accessories since my return to vinyl.

I am interested in alternate cleaning and fluid applicator brushes rather than the expensive (read over-priced) "boutique" ones available for Audiophile applications.

We have the equivalent of Home Depot here in AU (Bunnings) and one stroll down the paint aisle and I see a myriad of brushes and paint pads on display; some cheap and some inexpensive.

Has anyone had success with generic cleaning brushes? If so, what type are you using? Natural or synthetic fibre? How about the coarseness of the bristles? Soft/hard? I am interested in your recommendations.


One approach would be to use a soft paint brush and if you cook up a home brew cleaner (there are recipes on this forum if you search it), lay it on thick and let it sit for a while and then rinse, air-dry and test. If additional cleaning is required, then I don't see why one of those paint pads would not work. As always, test step 2 on a record you really don't care about, or which is so far gone, its worth the risk.
For 12 bucks you cant beat a vpi HW 17 brush and use it manually. They supply one with 16.5 including there lp cleaner, it has a black handle. That handle triples the cost though and you dont need it. Works better than others i have tried. It wont wear out anytime soon and does very well at getting deep inside the lps grooves. One for wash one for rinse and your set.
J, Can't help with the brush. I have been cautioned by The Disc DR himself not to scrimp here. Mr Weisfield has a fluid formula he will give for the asking. I am extremely happy with the results. Less than 2 bucks a GALLON!! Z.
Lint brush by everclean can be brought at walgreens for 3 bucks. It has microfiber bristles (directional like the old discwasher only stiffer) that works well. I have also been using the lint mitt (same company) for scrubbing lps. I have a diy rcm system that i use the mitt instead of the diskdoctor brush(also very good but more expensive).
A cheap but effective solution of 28 ounces of distilled water, 4 ounces of 100% alcohol and 1 teaspoon of plain dawn dishwashing detergent. I also have an enzyme cleaner concentrate that i use instead of dawn.

I strongly recommend a steam cleaning regiment also having been a recent convert to this technique. for 20 bucks you will improve the effectiveness of any cleaner just by steaming.