Generally wise/unwise to mix metals in AC plugs?

Is it generally wise or unwise to employ different metals in the terminations of power cords? For instance, Copper (male or iec) on one end and Gold on the other? And so forth -- all the permutations.
Just got a pc with gold plated plugs on both ends and the effect is to soften and merge contours -- "voices" sound like they're coming through a soft cotton scrim. Used on my dac. It's great for the many lo-fi historical opera recordings I listen to, but not for most everything else. Gold seems to take an edge off and to accentuate note decay. I like that. But double- gold is for normal purposes too much of a good thing.
So... maybe replace the male end with copper? I wonder what gold and silver would do?
Every wire, every connector, every circuit board, every capacitor lead, resistor lead, solder.. thousands of changes in metal formulation, drawn, cast, soldered, stamped...Copper, pure copper, various grades of cheap copper, Carbon, silicon, rare metals embedded in matrices.. Amazing anything reasonably like music comes out the end with the signal going through around under between all this stuff.
Elizabeth.. wow good point. It is amazing...
It's not so hard for music as structure to get through the labyrinth of elements -- even the tinny little radio I had as a kid in the 50's did that -- what's so amazing is that such a fully embodied verisimilitude of reality can do so. We have come a long way, but I have yet to hear a system that sounds like what I hear in the middle of an orchestra. That's ineffable. And it always will be, which is only right.
what's so amazing is that such a fully embodied verisimilitude of reality can do so

Now that's a mouthful!!