General transport Question

I am currently using an Arcam FMJ-23T to feed my Dodson DAC-263. I am also experimenting with various DIPS in between.

My question is what value having a dedicated transport would be as opposed to using a CDP as a transport. I am also considering a modded unit like Sony DVP-S7700 or Pioneer DV-47A.

I guess I am looking for input as to what the best way to go would be, if any. Would a new transport or modded player provide a big improvement. What units (new or modded) should I consider? There does not seem to be a ton of talk about transports, or reviews of them available.


Here is a link to the Tent labs site. The X03 is under "Player Upgrades".

The installation instructions were a little vague when I bought mine. I'm an electrical engineer so I was able to trace the signals I needed to use to get it going. Maybe they've improved the instructions since then.
I did not realize that a question was asked. Yes Jafox, I did listen to all those transports in relation to the Sony SCD-1. And after it was so apparent that the Sony was inferior to them, I sold the Sony. The only reason I used the Sony for the comparison was that I owned one. Not only was it inferior as a transport, there was nothing to write home about it as an SACD player either. Somehow elevating the Sony's performance by comparison to a Pioneer is not relevant Most of high end equipment will sound fairly good until compared to something that is perceived better. This hobby is all subjective and there are plenty of Audiophiles that like the Sony SCD-1, however; when comparing components usually one sounds better than the rest.
I have to add my 2 cents here, in the past I used a Denon/Proceed combo with very nice results then I upgraded to a Proceed Transport/PS Audio that was great for presentation and depth. The main point that was drilled at me was to isolate to control jitter and micro vibrations, at that time I used Sims feet very effectivly. Now With an ARC CD 2 I am using Bright Star Audio Air Mass/Big Rock 3 and the difference is jaw dropping, I used the Air Mass on it's own for 3 wks before introducing the Big Rock to evvaluate the differences, I will NEVER go back to unisolated equipment again becuse, yes it does make that big of a difference. IMO you can search for years and spend thousands seeking improvements, with the help of K.L. I am in audio nirvana and just traveling deeper into it. It's one man's opinion but I hope that it will help.