General reliability of NAD T753

Looking for reliability comments on NADs HT systems, have an opportunity to buy a used T753, somewhat concerned about reliability issues that have popped up. Cannot discern if these are just bashers or legitimate. Thanks.
I do not have the T753 but do have the T773 that I picked up at a pawn shop and it has performed flawlessly. This is the best sounding A/V receiver I have ever heard. Very detailed with plenty of punch. I can't speak personally about any reliability issues but one thing to point out is a slight hiss/hum that was an issue with some of the earlier runs of the T7*3 models and the T163 pre/pro. My T773 does have this issue but to me it is not an issue. The only time I hear it is between songs and quiet scenes in movies. Unless you have very sensitive speakers like my Klipsch, you may not hear it all from your listening position.

Thanks Willand. Since the unit is only going to be used as an HT system, I am not so concerned about about the detailed acoustics, to a point. I have some real old floorstanding cerwin vegas for the front and baby ADS (surrounds) that will work nicely. The T753 look pretty decent, not crazy about the cheap plastic cap covering the front inputs but its minor. I like the ability to decouple the mains from the built-in amplifiers and use another amplifer if so required.