general query about cables on Agon

Hi guys,

I've noticed recently that there seem to be sellers who are selling only cables, and a lot of them, on the 'Gon. Doesn't seem particularly normal to sell nothing but cables unless you're a manufacturer or something. I know there were stories going around about fake cables, and this just kind of makes me raise an eyebrow. Do I have anything to worry about here, or am I just being waaay too paranoid?
Just an opinion: The "cable-sellers",guys; seems most make their own and time to time somebody will have a positive to say about the brand.---It's the name brand; where one might find "fakes". You always have to be careful about everything you buy. Paranoid is good/just don't overdo it.
Indeed, the "make their own" crowd is what I'm worried about here. I'm looking at Shunyata, and I figure that's ripe for the pickin', about as "name brand" as you can get. Someone who's feedback is all for cable sales, only sells never buys, and has 10 sets of cables for sale at the same time sparks serious suspicion from me.
Are these dealers in guise? Maybe on-line sales for those brands are prohibited by the manufacturer.

You can always e-mail and ask if they're an authorized dealer and follow up with the manufacturer/distributor to find out. Not everyone who sells large quantities of cable on here is a scammer. :)
If they're are authorized dealer, shouldn't have a commercial account and announce themselves as such?

Anyway, a round of emails confirmed some sketchiness in this particular situation, so I won't be buying this time!
One thing you must remember is that cables are the easiest to sell. What I mean by that is that they:
-are generally far less expensive than other components (electronics, speakers etc.)
-take up little space and weigh little, thus shipping costs are much lower
-have virtually no aftersale worries, such as what you get with electronics

This makes them prime for someone to sell, especially if audio is not their main business. For example many do so just to make some extra cash and as a hobby. Rather sell a wide range of cables without having to worry too much about space limitations, warranty issues, getting things fixed at high cost etc.
Xenithon: good point, I hadn't thought of that. Though it seems like those people should somehow be designated as dealers, even if unofficial.
Agreed. Whether it's a side-business, hobby etc. I believe if the cables are sold NEW then only those authorized should be able to sell, with full cable-manufacture backing and support. In the 2nd hand market though it is not neccessary - just like 2nd hand car sales, or electronics etc. If you buy and sell on the side to make extra cash then there is no problem, as long as it is not done UNDER THE PRETENSE of being new stock, being officially distributed.
Personally, I find that I "stockpile" various cables mainly for comparison purposes. Cables are the icing on the cake of a good audio system, and one of the few reasonably priced opportunities for all of us to fine tune the system. Sometimes I look around, and I've got $500 worth of cables sitting in the stack. I'm not all that fond of doing the leg work associated with selling, so when I do sell, I sell in bunches. Used cables also have a good resale value if you bought them used to begin with; generally, you get out what you put in. Good listening,