General information on interconnects

When it comes to cables, I really don't have a clue. I don't understand the difference between single rca interconnects and the regular ones that have the right and left ends. I'll give a quick example: when I am going from my phono preamp to my active speakers, I am using the regular cheap monster rca cables that have the right and left ends on them and then when connecting to the actual speakers, I am connecting the right rca to my right speaker and then the left to the other speaker. This setup seems to work, but I wanted some more information on the subject. Thanks.
Don't sweat it. IMHO, there are no substantial improvements available.

and yet, some cables sound better than others for reasons that no one can satisfactorily explain to me. if you happen to have 2 sets of cables or interconnects, one will sound best. directionality i haven't heard but i follow the arrows.