Genelex KT-88:Gold Lion/Monarch &re-issues

It appears that I have narrowed the choice of output tubes to the Genelex or one of the re-issues.
Does anyone have experience with the Gold Lion or Gold Monarch KT-88s?
Or the New Sensor re-issue Gold Lion
Or can contrast these others with the Shuguang KT-88-98?
The re-issues seem to run $190-$240 for a quad.The NOS is looking like $1600-!800 for the quad:money well spent or ??
My thanks in advance for your comments-Tom
My original NOS Gold Monarch KT88 were slightly less extended in the highs and had slightly more round midrange than the Shuguang tubes I tried at the same time. In my VAC Phi 110/110, I preferred the stock VAC tubes (I believe manufactured by Shuguang) because they were more open sounding, IMO. But, it comes down to personal preference. One thing is certain, the Genelex would far outlast the Shuguang.
I am not suggesting that NOS Gold Lion KT-88s are worth $1600 a quad, but the originals still sound the best and they last for years, if not decades.
The NOS Gold Lion, Gold Monarch, and plain ole GEC's all do something I haven't found in any other KT88, new or vintage: their sound has a sparkle! If you haven't heard this, it's hard to imagine, if you have, you don't have to ask ;-)

I have a friend who is using the EAT tubes (new manufacture and $1700/quad) and likes them even better than the NOS Gold Lions. I did hear a used quad of them and was underwhelmed ;-)

As for the NOS Genalex tubes, even used (I got mine for $800/quad) they still show tranconductance (gain) values of 9000 -- 10000 mMHOs (new 12,000!). The new reissued GL are only 7500 new! As are the Shuguang/Penta KT88SC, which are excellent tubes BTW, but no sparkle ;-)
As are the Shuguang/Penta KT88SC, which are excellent tubes BTW, but no sparkle ;-)
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I respectfully disagree about Shuguangs lacking sparkle. In my system, they had more sparkle than did the Gold Monarchs.

FWIW, my Gold Monarchs were purchased by Vintage Tube Services, the best tube seller in the business, IMO, so I believe they were of high quality.

Perhaps the amp in which they were both installed was the reason.
Where do the JJs fit into all this?
Tvad, don't get me wrong -- for current product, I think the Shuguangs are great -- amd certainly the best value at $150/quad. BTW, what amp do you use them in?
I used them in a VAC Phi 110/110, which I no longer own.

I believe the Shuguang tubes might have sounded better to me because the VAC
Phi 110/110 was designed/voiced with VAC tubes sourced from China.