Genelec Speakers opinions

I want to know if anybody could listen the Genelecs active monitors speakers. How good they are ?
Could you compare with audiophile monitors ? How they work and sound at home listening rooms ?
I´m really interest on the 8050A Bi-Amplified Monitoring System and 1037C Tri-amplified Monitoring System.
If clarity, accuracy, dynamics and ability to play loud with correct timbre is your thing... then either is a great choice. Bass will be lean and tight...the 1037C can be soffit mounted for even better performance. (Personally I would go for the three ways as long as your neighbours are not too close)

How good are they....check out their user lists

Active speakers have significant advantages over passives and really have no comparison in terms of dynamics and clarity...not a sound for everyone though. If the source recording is poor then you will hear it...warts and all. You will hear EQ and mix adjustments made during a track all too easily and some people do not like this.
I thought the Genelec's sounded great! I would have picked them over the Dynaudio's that were in the same room any day.
Shadorne ..pretty much said it all.
Heard them at the Montreal show. Best surround system I've ever experienced. I want them! Someday.........
Brutally revealing asn Shadrne alluded to. These came from the pro world as top shelf studio monitors. They are not going to flatter the music or mix in any way--you get the truth. For great recordings and great gear upstream--I would love them. Also, if you want full out dynamics (particularly if you doing HT) these speakers are pretty incredible. However, if you are looking for a lush flattering sound--these are the wrong speakers. They are anything but that. So like many things, personal preference and taste play a large part in whether or not they are the right speakers. The are excellently engineered and perform at extremely high standards--but only you can decide if this is what's right for you.
I'm into the active nearfield experience and have a pair of 8030A's. Before I bought them I read of the pro-audio detractors of Genelecs saying they sweetened up the sound hence there was better to be had in pro monitors, especially pertaining to the pre-8000 series Genelecs. Well, sweetened sound to some degree is OK in audiophilia so I went for it. A nice sounding, accurate speaker that images reasonably well. The 8000's are reputed to have similar house sound with the addition of more extension in the lower octaves as you move up the ladder.

Dunno about how they'd compare to "Audiophile Monitors" - I've heard Proac 1SC's and they're very good but the sound of the amp enters into the mix so active v.s. passive isn't really a valid comparison.

I'm not sure I'd define them as brutally honest (IMHO such like ATC active Pro's) but now we're getting into areas of personal taste, every speaker has its signature. Newer Genelecs are great, good luck.
You should audition the Home Theater series in Genelec's offerings. They're voiced a little differently, more towards a listener of music than mastering or recording music.

I own the HT206B's and they are a mcuh better listener's speaker than the ATC's which I also own.

Stay away! I've been a recording engineer for 37 years and have used Genelecs sometimes. They are not nuetral or accurate. The middle is sucked out and they are hyped on the top and bottom ends. Anytime I have done a mix on these speakers the mix has not translated properly...NEVER. I'm not the only engineer who thinks so.

I've been a recording engineer for 37 years and have used Genelecs sometimes.

Which model are you referring too that were so bad? I thought they have improved a lot recently...perhaps because they were losing market share to other monitors........the 8050 Active is apparently a pretty good nearfield.

What did or do you prefer to mix on?
I'm a film editor and I sit in on lots of mixes - Genelecs have improved in the last two years, but they are very far from neutral.