Gene Simmons interview with Dan Rather

i saw it on the cable channel AIXS. He talks about the death of the music Industry and how it blinded the record companies. It was a really interesting program that I think a lot of you would enjoy.
I haven't seen the interview and have zero desire to. Many years ago he was on Fresh Air with Terry Gross and he was an absolute asshole. Sorry for being blunt but that's what he is and I have had no respect for him ever since. Being honest is one thing but he takes it way beyond that. The sad part is he is a very intelligent person, just chose to use his intelligence to offend people. Thankfully I was never a fan of Kiss so no crushing loss for me!
pmotz, I agree he is an ass. But on this interview he says very interesting things about the music business. ( I guess that has always interested me)

Even though you don't like him I think it is worth watching.
I remember that Terry Gross interview and she was so professional about it, not taking the bait and did her best to steer the conversation back to topic and yet Simmons kept at it to the point where I, too, lost respect for the man.

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