Gene Harris suggestions?

I recently heard a version of "Summertime" by Gene Harris and really liked it. I went on line to see if I could find the album and realized he had a lot, including several with summertime. I figured someone here would be able to give me a good idea which of his recordings I should get. Thanks.
He recorded his best work with a trio called "The Three Sounds". I believe they're on Blue Note. One in particular features Stanley Turrentine on tenor. It's truly a gorgeous album.
Get "Soular Energy" by the Ray Brown Trio, featuring Gene Harris. It is awesome; swinging piano jazz at it's best. Plus, it is a stellar recording.
I have everything that Gene Harris ever did. You might try "Funky Gene's" and I'll suggest a few more tomorrow. His version of Summertime is awesome. He is one of my favorite pianists and it's a shame that he passed away recently.
My favorite is Summer Wind: Live at the Loa - an awesome live recording. The group and the audience are having a blast!

I also like Listen Here and Soular Energy.

Pretty much anything by Gene is awesome.
Gene Harris trio plus one is amazing. On Groove note label. Great great recording. You'll also like the anthony wilson trio on the same label.
Any of the Three Sounds LP's on Blue Note will do. Also one of the best is an LP on Blue Note with Stanley Turrentine called "Blue Hour" is one of the best recordings and performances that you will ever hear.

The Japanese reissue LP's on King and Toshiba sound excellent if you can find them used and in like new condition.