Gemme Speakers

Has anybody demoed or compared the Gemme Tanto or Katana line of speakers to the usual subjects? Feedback or opinions appreciated based on member experience.
I recently demoed a pair of Tantos, they completely disappeared in the room. Impressive pin point imaging, very airy, great mids, and a surprising amount of clean bass out of only a 6.5 woofer. The wood finish was absolutely beautiful. They're up there on my shopping list.
The Katana speakers have been recently presented at RMAF and all visitors and press people were thrilled by their finish and sound. Here is a comment from a well known editor from TAS:

"In fact, the thing sounded extraordinarily quick and natural and very highly detailed from top to bottom. This is a speaker that TAS ought to review and one of the better sounds at RMAF."

Reviews will be coming from US magazines by the end of 2008 and during 2009. Recently a review in a Norwegian Hi-Fi magazine offered great comments. Some parts of the review follow:

"Although room response data is stated as 28-20000 Hz, the Katana supplied a good push all the way down to 20 Hz in our room, which is actually better than the huge loudspeaker Usher CP 8871 Be with his double 8" and 105 kg could. With tuning rings installed it rolled by around 25 Hz, but with a slightly tighter bass for those who prefer it.
When listening to music, it is completely impossible to hear the transitions anywhere, and the sound of the two elements flows seamlessly into each other. Thiel (Accuton) is living in the highest degree up to their reputation with these high-end speakers and treble come very close to what you may hear from such special round beam structures like MBL speakers. Vocalists come forward clearly and freely in space while playing instruments in which they are meant to be. Close your eyes, and the speakers disappear completely."

I hope it helps give a better idea of those speakers.
I have just heard the Katanas (via a Lyngdorf CD player, Shindo Aurieges pre & Anthem A2 amp). I listen to acoustic & electric rock music and I was impressed. Great bass extension and it especially excelled with male vocals. I thought it far surpassed the Usher Mini Dancer Two's in a direct comparison. The Katana sound reminded me a little of ProAc.
Thank you for a positive review. It is high on my list of speakers to consider.