Gemme Audio Tanto V2

Anyone hear these speakers? They look beautiful, have the size and features I am looking for. Are they any good?
They're my favorite speaker to date.

Very neutral, pin point imaging, and a surprisingly amount of tight, clean bass from a small speaker.
Their whole line looks very nice...upcoming review in Stereomojo.
And ... truly beautiful speakers that I still have to hear...
would love to hear some actual user input about these speakers. They look great (seem to have great WAF), but I'd like to know more about their sound without being from a review.
any input will be welcome
They do look great and I wanted to like them (Katanas, that is) but couldnt really get into them. They do throw a big sound, which I like, but they seem to throw a lot of "artificial" detail at you, don't seem really natural, almost "glassy" sound....just my opinion, of course...they were set up in 2 different room at rmaf, with similar results
I already own these and the sound is open airy and big big tight bass without being muddy. And it's a two way speaker!!! The Vflex is something to hear. I don't know how they (GEMME AUDIO)can put this kind of bass. They were driving a Proceed AMP2 and AMP3,a Proceed PAV-PDSD combination a Marantz SA11S1 SACD player and Rega P5 with a Quad 24Qc valve preanp phono. If you can listen to them, you will understand
I have the V2s and I love them. They're so good, actually, that I didn't realize that I was listening to them without the right tweeter working. It apparently wiggled loose from its connection during shipping. Just to be safe Gemme sent me another tweeter, installed in a snap and...WOW. They really sing with tubes and ss equipment.
I just bought a pair of used Tanto V1 here on Audiogon and couldn't be happier with the sound. I've been driving them with my favorite integrated of all time, the KT90-based push-pull Graaf GM50B, but I'm also going to try them with a Gamut SS integrated to see just how much bass the they're capable of. Amazing output for their size. Good WAF too. I haven't heard the newest V2 model, but if they are anything like these, they're keepers!
I just bought the Tanto V2 from another Agonner.I originally bought them for my wife's system. Now, I want them for my system.

She has a KT88 based Jadis driving them and they sound unreal. Very low bass with lots of clear growl.Very nice sound stage.

WAF is my problem though.... she does not want to give them up and trade for my Dali Helicon 800's. She fell in love with the look of them before she even heard them. Beautiful ebony finish with piano black front and rear, and a sexy slant back that really goes good in her eclectic living room. Only 3 feet tall, making the Dali's seem much too big.

Then she heard them. Fuggeddaboudit !

Now I have to negotiate some way to get them down into my listening room to hear them with my new Art Audio Carissa. I have a funny feeling that once I hook them up in my room, I won't want to give them up either.

It's gonna be interesting.