Gemme Audio Tanto Owners - User Manual?

I was lucky enough to find and buy a used pair of Gemme Audio Tanto v1s but unfortunately they did not come with a manual.  The company is no longer in business and the designer (Robert Gaboury), who was incredibly kind and supportive, told me that he no longer has any manuals.

So I am writing to see if anyone in the Audiogon community may have a Tanto user manual and would be willing to provide a copy.  I would be glad to reimburse for any expenses, etc.

Thanks in advance!
I have the 2s, but we've been moving and most of my 'stuff' is still in boxes. If I come across the manual, I will PM you. Best of luck.
Thanks very much, david_ten, I appreciate it.

In case david_ten does not come across it (moving can be crazy), if anyone else may have one or know where I could find a copy, please let me know - either via this thread or PM.