gem or trash..??

I have recently run across a Tube amplifier that has potential, but don't know much about it other than the following...
It has two massive transformers on top, as well as two 6L6 tubes, and two % something tubes, it also states that it is a 20 watt amp. On the front is a decal stating the name is ' Concert Master' thats about it, no controls of any sort, just some output connections and an input ... anyone have any idea what it is...??
I would appreciate any comments, or help... my Email is
It is a guitar amp, and not really a primo amp for reproducing prerecorded music.
Hey Upstateny where are you from upstate? there aren't many audiophiles in my area(in fact only 2, including myself), I am in the Albany area.
Lake George area, if it makes any difference...
And I am not really what you would call an audiophile....
more like a beginner at just about anything to do with audio .
Having lived in Oswego NY and Rochester NY there are quite a few audiophiles in those regions.. Down here in Coweta County Georgia (35 miles south of Atlanta) I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am the only audiophile in the county and perhaps even the only one who owns and listens to Classical and Jazz musics.. so don't feel bad.
Heh Xiekitchen I have a good audiophile friend who lives on the out-skirts of Georgia, send me an email and I'll put the two of you in touch.
That's a guitar amp or you can even plug in some harp or synth in there too if it's still working...
Got your personal E-mail... No I am NOT 100% certain that it is a guitar amp. I may also be a movie theater amp from the 40's or 50's. Either way it is not a "hi-end" amp for music reproduction. Though if it were a theater amp it might just sound ok??? and for THAT it all is how it sounds to YOU! If it would take some money to repair it or something... I would only spend it if you view it as a lark, or, fooling around... to check out the sound.