GEM Dandy Record Cleaner - Has Anyone Tried It ?

Have you read this review of George Merrill's record cleaner in the latest

Best ever record cleaner (according to the reviewer) and uses ordinary tap water for the rinse. Exclusively for garage sale purchases, or would you have the nerve to try it on an audiophile reissue, too?
The fact that the reviewer was told to dry the records with a soft cotton cloth (as opposed to a lint-free one) is kind of suspect.
Hmm, actually he suggests folded gerber baby diapers, highly absorbent and lint free. I got a bag of chlorine free diapers and they look just about right for the job.
Oh, I didn't know that Gerber diapers were lint-free, good to know!
All this info is good for those that are entering the arena of LP playback and looking for alternatives to clean records.

I owned the Nitty Gritty, two VPI's (including the 17F) and now the best one I've ever seen or used, the Odyssey RCM from Germany.

Still, not everyone has been into listening to records for as long as I have, nor do they necessarily know how deep they want to get into it. I agree that the vacuum based machines are probably more effective, but there are people who will be excited about the GEM Dandy and I don't want to be the one to crush their excitement.

Just like the (very long) Lenco thread, it brought a good number of Audiogon members over to the fun and excitement of LP playback and we NEED more young guys in the hobby to keep it alive.

I'm all for entry level solutions, that's exactly where I began when I was a kid.
Albert, you really think young guys are going to emerge from their baptismal experience with this thing with a huge desire to continue using it? I'd say it's more likely to put a, er, damper on the whole idea of record cleaning :-)