Gekko cables

I am writing for first time, although I am reading every day the posts, in order to share an audio experience which I recently had, testing an interconnect cable, named Purple Haze from "Gekko Cables", a small company in England.
One day I read a review that made a Greek reviewer in "".
I was so impressed, that i search for the dealer in my country, but there weren't one! So I mailed straight to the company in GB
To my surprise mr Boban (the owner of the company), offered to send me a pair of Purple Haze (the flagship model) to test it in my system, although he didn't know me at all!!!!
The result was not only to buy the cables he sent me, but to order two more pairs of Purple Haze, to replace all the interconnects in my system!!!
So impressed with these cables!!!
They have the half the weight of ordinary cables, some strange plugs, but they sound so wonderfully!!!!
Their transparency is mythical!
Depth, width of the scene!
Micro dynamics!
These cables have everything an audiophile wants!
Although they are not cheap, I think they are a true bargain, to talk in hi end terms! Notice that the cables I had before, were far more expensive than Purple Haze!
My next step is to buy speaker and phono cable, ofcourse without testing them! So sure they will be superb!
Did anyone hear these cables? If there's, i am very curious to hear his opinions!
Sorry for my bad English!
Ive moved over to Gekko silver lining interconnects, could quite stretch to purple haze. Can't wait to get them going when new amps arrive (Thoress 845). Well done and maybe one day I'll trade in for upgrades. 

Have now moved over to Full Purple haze speaker and RCA interconnect cable and New Audio Frontiers 845 SE integrated. 

Will be firing them all up the weekend so looking forward to reporting further.