GedLee Abbey's

I've been looking at these speakers and will get to audition them soon. If you've heard them, what do you think?

BTW-looks and size mean nothing to me. It's ALL about the sound.
I own a pair of Abbey 12A speakers, I have had them now for about 3 months. What do I think, I think they are by far the best sounding speakers I have had in my system to date. My previous 2 speakers I had before the Abbeys were Linkwitz Orion++ system with the Thor subwoofers, which I had for 2 years. Before that I had a pair of Martin Logan Ascent i speakers with 2 Depth subs. With the Logans I could never get the bass to integrate with the panels to my liking, very discouraging. The Orions sounded great at volumes up to about 90dB after that they were a total disappointment. I blame myself for not listening at higher volumes when I auditioned them, my bad, but never again will I make that mistake. Now the Abbeys are extremely detailed and nuetral sounding from the lowest volumes up to my comfort level, I have had them playing at 101dB at the listening seat, C-weighted slow response. They do not show any signs of distorting at all. The Abbeys must be used with subwoofers though and I am using multiple subs per Geddes theory. The Abbeys alone will not play down real low they roll off pretty quickly below 50 Hz so you can see why the subs are basically a requirement. Using Dr Geddes sub theory the bass integrates seamlessly. So yes I am biased but this is by far the best my system has ever sounded, count me as a very satisfied Abbey 12A owner.
As a follow up, if you want to see what the Abbey 12A speakers look like finished compared to the Abbeys pictured on the web site, and want to hear how they sound in a living room set up feel free to contact me through here when you go to audition the speakers at Earl's place. If that is where you are going to audition them, you are in for a real treat, his system is the best home based system I have ever heard. I only live 20 minutes from Earl so you could possibly hear his system and the Abbey 12A speakers in my system in one day.