Geddes-Gedlee Abbey placement

I followed the recent Linkwitz thread and came across the Gedlee speakers.. After a little wandering around the web the Gedlee speakers do look interesting, but what kind of placement do they require(off front & side walls)? I assume the significant toe in would remove the concern about sidewall reflections. My room (loft) is fairly small at 12 x 16. My current speakers are set up on the long wall with air and a vaulted ceiling behind the listening position.

Also...I saw some reference to Earl signing some deal with a Thailand that deal still in place or does Earl sell right from Michigan?
One more question..I see as of Nov 2010 Earl was considering an all-wood Abbey this still in the works?

I know I could email Earl, but I'm sure he gets plenty of email..hopefully someone here knows.
You can find a lot of info about the Geddes line over on the Audio Circle forum. AFAIK Geddes want his speakers to be at a 45* tow in angle to the listener, with a well dampened front wall. He also wants mutiple sub woffers to be used.
Good luck
Have you checked out the Geddes On Audio forum? Earl is a frequent poster there answering questions in a timely manner.
Tim..thanks..I ran across a couple of the posts on this site in searching, but never connected up with the parent forum. I thought Earl had a forum on the DIY or Audio Circle sites, but I didn't find them..only individual posts(and didn't come across the info I'm looking for). I'll make a post on the Geddes On Audio looks like Earl is active there.
Since Geddes speakers are supposed to be used with subwoofers, the best way to deal with positioning is placing them for best imaging (out into the room).