GE Triton One vs. One-R

Has anyone had a chance to do a comparative side-by-side listening of these two models?  I own and love my T-1s, but the 1-Rs have me curious.  Is there an appreciable improvement?

We have been on the fence concerning Golden Ear for years.

We have loved the idea of what the loudspeakers represent in terms of bass repsonse, and performance for the price.

We have never loved the Triton 1 whenever we have demoed them at others dealers, either they sounded boomy or tizzy, never balanced.

Then at a couple of shows over the last few years, Sandy was showing the Reference versions and immediately the speakers seemed much more balanced.

At Axpona the Ref 1R were sounding exceptional, smooth, musical, deep bass, good top end extension a huge soundstage. The bass was fast, clean and integrated and the speakers had excellent detail and the speakers were only $6k one of the standout rooms at the show. 

So even though the speakers are based on the same drivers and concepts  the implemenation of the speaker is totally different.

The drivers were all redesigned for the Reference versions, and the new drivers are faster and cleaner and thus the speakers sound way better integrated.

We would advise you if you love your Triton 1, put them up for sale and move into a pair of 1R the speakers are so much better now.

We were so blown away by the setup at Axpona we are now in talks with Golden Ear to become dealers, they were that good.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ future Golden Ear dealers?