Anyone have experience comparing NOS GE vs RCA 6L6?
I agree that new production tubes are getting better, but old stock tubes still sound better in my experience. This is particularly true of preamp tubes.
Thanks for all the insight.
So what tube type would add some weight or substance to the music?

“I have a quad of the coveted RCA black plates from the 60s. Cost me a bunch. New Tung Sol 7581A walk all over them for 1/3 of the price.”

Most interesting ... and would tend to run counter to modern production Vs Vintage I shall take a look at them,  thanks for the heads up.

For my part I tend to run NOS JAN Philips 7581A’s as weapon of choice in a couple of my 6L6GC amplifiers, I am listening to just such an example as I type ... 

SANSUI AU-111 circa 1967.