GCPH straight to Power Amps?

Is anybody feeding their power amps directly from the PS Audio GCPH? What are the results like? I listen almost exclusively to vinyl and am thinking about moving away from my integrated to a pair of monoblocks, and this seems like a cost-effective way to go about it.
I do so on occasion when I am wanting to do critical listening of my vinyl collection; otherwise it is most times connected to my preamp/processor for convenience with other sources. When fed directly to amp, it is much quieter and somewhat more resolving than otherwise, I'm guessing due to the lower noise floor. For a standalone phono stage with volume control, it is most excellent. I sold my first unit to experiment with HT only to experience sellers regret. I finally re-acquired another new unit when PS was having them on sale for $699. It is a keeper now!
Can things get good and loud if you crank the dial a bit?
Good and loud; Oh yes! Especially since I have 600 watts per @ 8 ohms driving 91db efficient speakers.
I have some longer interconnects coming which will allow me to switch back and forth between my BAT VK51se and the GCPH for comparison. Should be fun. I tend to agree, the GCPH is a keeper until Ayre has a PX-R at least.
Yeah, I imagine 600 watts would do the trick. I'm going to have to bring my GCPH down to my dealer next time I'm around, see what type of sound I get goin'. Thanks for taking the time to answer.
The Pro-Ject Tube Box SE 11 has gotten better reviews and is $699. And it has TUBES in it. [I assume your appellation indicates interest in same.]
Get the Cullen mods if it's stock.But if one has the dough going to Rhea or Ear432 no comparison.One thing that my friend likes with his .23Mv Dynvaector is that he has dual volume control on unit.Not sure he'd be so happy with that cart and 89 db speakers if he didn't have Cary Sli80.Also when you compare gain section of cheaper op amps in GCPH versus better circuitry in pre or integrated thjat would be A/B.Sure purity counts but I have gone passive route for same end and didn't get dynamics or bass.And there is quality difference in same.
I run my GCPH straight into a Classe 100 into NHT Classic 3 speakers and the volume gets as loud as I could ever stand with some left in reserve. The volume control on the GCPH isnt as linear as the one on my Classe 35 so fine tuning volume isnt as nice, but you can get whereever you want with practice. Having the remote control is nice too.