Gauder Akustic Berlina RC7

I have read a number of positive reviews of these speakers. They are apparently only available for audition in the US at a store in Scottsdale. I am interested in opinions of this and other Gauder speakers you may have heard at shows or in Dealers in Europe. If there is positive experience here I may try to get to Phoenix on business. My current speakers are Magico V3 and a move to a much larger room is having me look for new speakers with stronger bass. I am also considering a pair of used Wilson Sasha's since there are a number of pairs available.
I bought a pair of Gauder Cassiano's from them. Great speakers, love them and Accuton ceramic drivers!

I am now looking to upgrade to maybe the RC7's or something with more bass.

Also looking at the Vienna's "The Music"
I have not heard The Music. Very interested in comparing the two. Let me know how it goes. Scott
I know Hans Vitus has big wraps on these speakers. The cabinet is apparently made from Panzerholz (tank wood) and is one of the best wood cabinets i've seen. When tamed, the Accuton drivers can sound wonderful. Avalon and Gauder appear to have got the best out of these drivers.

If you enjoy your Magico V3's & are wanting better bass, you should also consider a 2nd hand pair of Magico S5's. Good 2nd hand pairs in premium gloss finish can be had for circa $18k. I would think you would get a nice upgrade from your V3's or Sashas.
Pulled the trigger on the Vienna's "The Music". Should have them in a couple of weeks.....
I've never been a fan of plastic drivers, but I still respect those speakers.