Gather around JoLida 100a owners

This is more just out of curiosity. I currently have as you might tell a JoLida with a level-2 mod from underwood. What I'm wondering is can an outboard dac be added and if so have any of you done so. The DAc that I'd consider would be the Prima D/A Converter 24/192 MKII. Do you guys think this would be an improvement.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.


Sure you can use an outboard DAC. I use a Theta DAC from time to time and also the DACs in my Processor.

From what I have read, the AA Prima DAC is a fantastic performer, I havent heard it yet. At 3x the cost, I would certainly expect it to be an improvement.

Of course you would probably want a top notch transport to compliment your new high performance DAC. The Jolida's is a fairly common Phillips CDM12.10, I believe.
How are you enjoying your Jolida?
Last Sunday I did a little mini-mod with some damping sheets from Verastarr...I followed exact pacement of suggested areas to damp...
I do believe the Jolida can be overdamped...The sweet lushness became
way too took the attack out of piano notes(Jolidas need all the attack they can only reason I will always be looking for my nirvana source)) and the piano notes deadened....I wound up leaving the sheets
on the side panels only and that made a big difference.
While I had the cover off I played a CD and the Platter wobbles as it spins....
Has anyone else noticed this?
Sorry ....I think I just got off your topic, Freaky...
Thanks Distortion,

What ever DAC I deciede to go with it will have to be used your right at almost $4600 the Prima is not cheap.
Are there any used DAC's at the level of the Prima that won't require me selling a kidney.

As transports go I've read only good things about the Sonic Frontiers Transport3 and the Metronome T20. Any others I should be looking at keeping at the same level price/performance wise compared to the Sonic and Metronome.



Don't woory about the topic it's nice you stopped by and said hello.

I have to say that my music hasn't sounded this good so good that now I'm looking to upgrading again. In the next few months I'll be looking at adding some amps but it depends on what speakers I'll go with. So far I've listened to PMC's paired with Bryston and LINN amps. The next on the list is to hear B&W Sig 805's. My dealer also wants me to listen to a pair of LINN Speakers I forgot the model.



Are you saying that on top of the existing side panel dampening you added more. Mine already has dampening on the side panels and I believe underneath to. Oh by the way you once tried Hal-O how did they work out for you.

I had also put some (as per a photo I found) on a few top was
on top of the platter cover....that's the one that I immediately took off....maybe it was the extra weight that muffled the sound...
As for the tube dampers...I heard no difference so I decided to stick with
the original metal covers...
Glad you are enjoying your Jolida....
I, too, am loving my system...paired with my Apogee Stages it is sweet and lush...until I find a CDP that equals that along with adding extra detail the Jolida is staying right here!
Freaky, Hehe, I know it, audio gear really knows how to exponentially increase in price.

Honestly I am fairly new to DACs myself. I havent heard that many. I do know that there are many competent makes and models to choose from, with widely varying sound characteristics.

A few DACs that come to mind are Enkianthus, Audio Note, and Electrocompaniet. Thats off the top of my head. There are tons more and certainly others here at the 'Gon have more experience than I do in this matter.

I am leaning toward a Bel Canto DAC2 to upgrade my Theta DSPro Basic I. I suspect it will not better my Jolida (I love the tubes) but, just like the Theta does now, it will offer an SS alternative. Some music just sounds better on SS. Honestly I am very happy with the Jolida. My current upgrade path is speakers or amp first, so it may be a while before I get around to upgrading the CDP.


As per my dealers suggestion amps are next on my plate with the pre-amp to follow. I noticed on your system that you have the Bryston SP1.7 how do you find 2 Channel play back and do you often use this feature. I myself am leaning towards B&W speakers in particular the 805 Sig paired with a LINN 2250 amp or a Plinius 9200 what do you think of these combo's. The LINN amp is the only one I can hear and that will be in the next two weeks as I'm waiting for my dealer to come up with a demo pair(805)for me to listen.


I am using the Plinius 8200MK11 and it is Divine.
I was thinking about a dac as well but I have seen comments on Enjoythemusic and 6moons that the Jolida is a nice musical cd player but not that great as a transport.


What made you deceide on the Plinius. Did you audition first or did you go on the recommendations of others. I ask this as I have yet to find a Canadian Dealer so my choice would be based on reviews and such. I have a good feeling that I'd love the sound of the B&W 805 Sig do you think this will be a well made match.

Hi Freaky....
I can't comment on B&W...I've never heard them.
But this is my 2nd Plinius..
my first was a 2100i,( which is actually an 8150)..100w/p/ch.....from the minute I bought it I was in love. Rich, full smooth sound...Had it for over a Stages are watt-hungry so I actually bought a few other higher watt amps and I was never happy...they sounded dry...and I dumped them and got the 175 Watt/p/ch 8200mk2...
mmmm..there it was again...that wonderful Plinius sound....
I don't know what your budget is , but after you buy your speakers i wouldn't
hesitate to look for a Plinius 8150 (if integrated is ok for you...and 100 watt)...
quite frankly I heard NO tonal difference between that and my 8200...
I think they are a steal for a mint used on A'gon.
PS: I think the only thing that may ent(ICE) me away from my Plinius is that I know that sometime down the road I must audition the new H20 ICE technology based amp.


Thanks for the response. Can you tell me a little about H20 ICE amps I did a google search and came up "cold".

Freaky....I'm not the best person to fill you in about these amps...I am not very techy....
do a search here in A'gon ...I know there has been some discussion....
FreakyGreek, I use the 2 channel feature often. Its performance in that area was the reason I chose it(SP1.7). Comparatively, its 2 channel performance is at or very near the top of the heap (when it comes to Processors anyway). The truth is, its good at 2 channel but, a good dedicated preamp can better it.

Plinius and B & W go together like cookies and milk. Most B & Ws arent a real difficult load on the amp anyway. So its easy to match an amp with your desired sonic signature. Plinius has a nice smooth top end, and a tube like mid range, with respectable grip on the bass. I am seriously considering this brand myself. I havent heard much Linn stuff so I cant comment here. It seems quite popular though and thats usually a good thing.

Paired with the right electronics B & Ws can really sing and the SIgs are just that much better at it. Theres a good chance your gonna like 'em.


I spent about 3 hours today listening to different speakers. I chose to listen B&W N804's,LINN ESPEK,and the PMC OB1. Source was a LINN UNIDISK2.1,amp LINN 2250 Pre-amp LINN Exotik. I'll first say that the B&W were the more forward sounding of the bunch with the PMC occupying the middle ground the the LINN's coming in third with a slightly more laid back sound.

The B&W really came alive at the higher levels but their sound reminded me of my Paradigms. My dealer made a comment that Paradigm bases there sound on B&W speakers. I thought that the B&W/LINN combo was great making me wonder how my Paradigms would sound. Next time I'll listen to mine(Studio 60's)paired with the LINN
and the Signatures 40 making sure I bring my CDP with me. At that time my dealer should have the B&W 805 Sig's as well.

This so confusing if it dosen't stop soon I'll have myself commited.

Awww man I am so jealous. I have been wanting to audition the OB1's for a while. Sounds like a really fun day, checking out new stuff. I need one of those days!

Compared to the B & Ws, what was the bass like with the OB1s? was midrange as pronounced on the OB1s? was there as much inner detail in the midrange? That dome mid has me very interested.

Ohh yes the audio bug has bitten us hard. At some point we should slow down and just enjoy the music! or at least try =).

To get back on your original post. I read some about the AA Prima DAC. The input looks very promising to guys like me who have a piggy backed HT in there system.


In all honesty the PMC's created the sound that I was looking for. I really wanted to be impressed by the B&W but found myself gravitating back to the PMC. The bass on the PMC was right on the mark a trait to line transmission speakers. What I really noticed between the two is the mid-range on the PMC was pure liquid making me loose myself to the music. The B&W really opened up at the higher volumes but the PMC kept up nicely and they play much better at lower volumes. I found the highs on the B&W a bit forward or bright sounding with the PMC's a bit less edgy. In over all the sound the PMC produced made them very easy to listen to.
I can't wait to here them again when I bring and hook them up to my CDP. Who knows maybe at that time the B&W's might sound better.

Freaky, I dont want to get your thread off topic. I just wanted to say thanks for info on the PMCs I appreciate that very much.


I only wish I was able to provide you with a little more info. As getting off topic feel free I like to think of the Gon as a community so don't worry about it. There is likely more than one person wondering that same thing.