Gary Warzin...RIP

Gary Warzin, founder and CEO of Audiophile Systems has passed away. The link is below. I truly believe that if not for Gary's tenacity, LINN products would not have the exposure here in the states that it does. He was a wonderful man, one of the first "high-end" people I ever meet in the business. He truly cared for music and audio. He will be missed...RIP!!!
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Gary and Tony Gregory of Audiophile Systems brought the audio industry to a higher level. Back in the early 1980's they made me, as a fledgling audiophile, aware of the 'magic' of the turntable done right. At that time it was the Linn Sondek. In later years they enjoyed great success importing many fine products into the US. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
God rest you Gary.
Larry R. Staples