Gary Rossington RIP

One of my favorite Southern R&R Les Paul players.

The guy survives a plane crash, but unfortunately has left for the big stage too early-71.

Gary Rossington, Founding Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitarist, Dies at 71 (

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This is really sad news as I do believe he was the last one of the original members of what I thought was one of the best ( southern ) rock and roll bands created here in the US ; Lynyard Skynard.

Artimus Pyle who replaced Billy Burns is still alive. 

I agree '' elrod '' that either with their own band or with Lynyard Skynard that Allen Collins and Gary Rossington along with Ed King could really play ! 

I have a lot of great memories with that band during my high school years ,,,,,

I also believe that there is a direct reference to Gary Rossington in the song ; '' That Smell '' about all of their drug and alcohol use during that time. Great guitar player ......

First saw Lynyrd Skynyrd at their first really big show, opening for the Who on the Quadrophenia tour on the first night of the tour in San Francisco. Always really enjoyed L.S. RIP Gary... 

Perhaps one of the most genuine compliments that a musician can be paid is that they were authentic.  Gary was authentic and will be missed my me.  RIP

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