Garrott P77 with Decca international arm?

Has anyone tried this combination? Is this too light an arm for the medium compliance Garrott? Also, has anyone used this cartridge in a Lenco project with any arm?
Actually, the Decca arm is slightly heavier than the Rega, so there will be no mismatching problem in this sense. Also, if you find the bass woolly, then try out the damping, adding thicker oil to deal with woolly bass, and thinner oil to deal with over-damped bass. Tiny as the cup is, the damping on this arm really works! Finally, the Decca sounds great with all MMs I've tried out so far, being an incredibly musical tonearm. Good luck in your Lenco project, the end result will floor you, as it does even those with top-of-the-line no-holds-barred high-end rigs. How can the Garrott/Decca not sound stunning in such a rig ;-)?
I was looking at the specs for this cartridge, and it's actually a higher compliance cartridge than the current production Decca London. This seems promising.
Are you talking about one of the original Garrott P77s built when the brothers were alive? I ran one of these in a lightweight unipivot arm (an Excel 1000 from Japan) on a Thorens TD160 for a number of years. What a great cartridge.

No, I mean one of the new ones. I'm extremely nervous about used cartidges, or even older ones.
How long is the Decca international?