Garrott P77?


Thought I'd ask if anyone has any opinions about the Garrott P77 MM cartridge, and how it would mount and sound on a Rega Planar 2/RB250. Also, how does it compare with a Denon DL160 -- which I know has many fans here on the 'gon? And how do these compare to the better Rega cartridges, eg. Elys, Super Elys? Other recommendations?

How much of an issue is it running a relatively high output MC like the Denon through a MM board on a Naim Nait 3? (I like it pretty loud).

Thanks for the advice.

Waited a month or two to get it from Needle Doctor..$200.
I have an LP12/Ittok.
Previous cartidges: Grado Platinum and Grado Reference.
I believe this cartridge is a better match compliance wise for the Ittok.
The P77 looks like a reworked Grado. MM with high output.

Sorry, I'm no reviewer, but I thought I'd mention this cartridge because it's a very, very solid performer and I'm completely happy with my purchase. Color me impressed!!

Images are very stable and music is very lively and full sounding!!!
Nothing wimpy about this baby.
Seems a bit quieter in the grooves than the Grado's. Slightly worn LP's are much more enjoyable.
Nothing irritating about this cartridge, at all.

It suits my tastes very well.

IMHO it's a super buy for $200.
Hi Wolff,

Thanks for the response, but too late. Got a Dynavector 10x5, $215 new, and am really quite happy with it. Full solid presentation, quiet in the groove. Not brittle anywhere. Sounds like music.

Envy your 'table/arm. Of course, now I want to upgrade my planar 2 to get the most out of the cartidge.