Garrard RC88/4 maintenance

Hi there,

I'm a record nut who knows next to nothing about record players, especially vintage/antique phonographs. I recently managed to get my grandmother's old tube amplifier (a great old Bogen LS67[?]) to work and it's connected to an old Sherwood radio that also works. The turntable, however, seems to spin but I can't check whether it works until I find the right needle.

Anybody have any advice on how to get my Garrard RC88/4 back up and running? In particular, anyone know what kinda needle I'd need to purchase?

Also, the Garrard seems to be lacking the stacker part of the spindle. I'm not sure this is necessary if I plan on playing one at a time... anyone know? I hear this part is incredibly hard to find and very expensive, is this correct?

Thanks again.

That model of Garrard record player used a ceramic cartridge with a flip over stylus ... one side for 33's & 45's, the other for 78's. Not to be funny, but God knows where you would get a replacement ceramic cartridge these days. My dad repaired appliances back in the day and having grown up with at lot of these older style record players (1960's and before), I feel that the tonearms were clunkers and would most likely damage your records. With that said, I would also think that your Bogen might need some type of work to accept a magnetic cartridge. Is this set-up part of/ taken from a console?

Regards, Rich

Sorry this reply took so long. Yes, it is part of a console, an old Asian-styled lacquer console from the fifties, I think. The console is given as "Windsor Cabinet by Drexel, Magnavox, Fort Wayne, Ind."

Thanks for the info, very good to know.