Garrard 401 service & tweaking my new project.

I just got a 401 from Europe ~ could use some help in the following areas:

~ how do I convert to 110~120v?
~ I intend to replace the bearing. There are a few aftermarket co. That have brass thrust plates. Anyone try any of these? Comments?
~ I believe I will also need to replace the idler wheel, anyone experience the artesian fidelity replacement?
~ how do I service the motor to keep it running quiet?

I'm glad to hear you've gotten a very good example of a 401. For spindle bearing oil, I use that which is sold by Northwest Analog in the UK.

I also use sewing machine oil for the idler bearings.

How long do you anticipate it will be before you get to hear it for the first time?

Best regards,

My Garrard 401 has been completely restored by Christopher Thornton at Artisan Fidelity and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of both the parts/components and the work he has performed.

With regards to the Artisan Fidelity replacement idler wheel, it's really a no brainer! When you get a chance to hold the AF wheel you can truly appreciate the quality and of course, the sonic improvements are not subtle. More clarity, better image focus, an enhancement of the drive in the music that these tables are known for.

I know that Artisan Fidelity is continually researching and testing components and I believe that there is an upgraded version of the AF idler wheel in the works. Better ask Christopher though!

Any questions feel free to shoot me an email.


Why would changing the voltage on the voltage create a condition where the strobe wouldn't work? It's still 33.3, or is it the voltage on the lamp?

I hope your enjoy your 401!  Great table.  I have a grease bearing 301 that I really enjoy.  Just a thought and not trying to be a killjoy here, there are some motors in 301 & 401's that will never run quite.  I have a few friends that have 301's & 401's, and even after total rebuilds they ended up replacing the motor completely.  

Also, you can have your idler wheel rebuilt if needed.  And though it's been said, if your bearing had oil in it, then it's fine.  Remember top speed is 78 rpm, not enough to flatten out a bearing in oil.