Garrard 401 PSU


I have my first Garrard 401. What do you all reccomend for a power supply? The Loricraft is a bit too expensive a the moment. What are my options.

Thanks in advance

What's your budget?

Loricraft power supplies for Garrard pop up from time to time on the British s/h market usually for 500 to 600 UKP depending on age and version.

Industrial motor controllers e.g. Siemens Micromaster 420 the cheapest variant for a driving power of 120 W (there are other variants for driving up to more than 1000 watts)cost around 250 EUR, plus programming panel about 40 EUR for different settings of voltage and frequency. See in Germany, or any other electronic supplier. A guy in Brussels uses such a controller for his EMT930 idler deck, and reports great results. Though, I have not yet tried this route.

best regards, Hartmut
Thank you very much for the information. and I am sorry for the delay I forgot I posted : )

Again, what's your budget?
Budget is about 600.00 or so.


Putting budget aside what are the options available?