Garrard 401 or Thorens Td 124 II

With rock and blues music, better Garrard 401 or Thorens TD 124 II?

how did you come to this short list? If idlers are your thing... try lenco and spend the savings on more lps! :)
Both, but with modern arm and cartridge......
I have a turntable with drive belt, SOTA Cosmos. I would want a second turntable with wheel mechanism.

I own a TD 124 beige, and I'm very happy with it. I'm using it with an SME 345 and Koetsu Black with excellent results. I rebuilt the motor with new felt and bushings and installed new spindle bearing bushings, silicon nitride ball bearing and thrust plate. The next thing on the list is a chassis refinish, if I'm up to the task.

It replaced a Diva II with the same 345 arm I'm using on the Thorens. They're more fiddly than a modern table, but well worth it.

I've not heard the 401, but I've been told they have more bass slam, but without the refined upper frequencies. I'm sure that's subjective.

Thanks to all for your responses.
i had a 401, now have a modded lenco that was better (not by much) with a OL Silver arm in my system.
Re: Gilbodavid's post... that's my point. bang for buck lenco is up there with the 401s and 124s....once suitably plinthed etc.
Never got to listen to a 401 but I heard plenty 301. I prefer it over the 124 as I had owned three before and sold them all. Never got it to work right and was noisy. Simply didn't care for it but I wish I kept it long enough to capitalize on the rising collectors price. The 301 can sound really good and has the quintessential idler tone. Too expensive for me. Just a few days ago I finally got a Lenco set up for some listen. All I can say is... awesome. I still prefer my direct-drive turntables but the Lenco is fun to listen to due to that big fat juicy idler TONE. It's inimitable. Yes, sonically I prefer the Lenco over all the other idler tables I've heard.