Garrard 301 restoration

Hi all
I will possibly go with a restored Garrard 301 as my next table.
I'm trying to pick between Steve Dobbins or Chris Harban (woodsongaudio) to do the complete job.
1) Any experience with either you can share with me ?
2) can you recommend me a tonearm in the $1,500 area new or used ? I'm trying to keep my Lyra Delos cart so I'll be happy to match a tonearm with the Delos and the 301.
3) Any recommendation to add to the project so I won't regret later I didn't (like a 2 arm plinth etc.) ?
Thanks in advance to all repliers.
I am also looking in that direction, either a restored Garrard, Lenco or EMT. Have you done any research on how much a restored Garrard cost like (espcially from one of these well known restorers) ?
All I can contribute is, I bought my Dynavector 501 arm from Chris Harban, and I found him to be good to do business with. I've had no dealings with Steve Dobbins.

I did a restoration on a Garrard 401, built a plinth, and mounted the 501 arm. This arm works well with all my cartridges, Dynavector XX2MKII, ESCCO modified Zu Denon 103R, and Acutex M320 LPM STR III.

You will be extremely pleased with your 301, as I am with my 401. It will enable you to hear vinyl on a level usually attained only by the very best turntables, given it is restored and set up well.

Enjoy, and regards,
Prices start at around $6k for a table and a plinth, before other options such as upgraded platter, additional arm in the plinth etc. (not to mention the arm+cart). It's a heck of an investment but I hope it's worth it.
Icorem, while I don't have any direct experience with Dobbins or Harban both companies seem to offer quality products. I used Garrards for years, my preference is for a heavy base and an unmolested table. Part of the beauty of Garrards is their balanced and musical sound, many of the tweaks/upgrades throw the balance away from musicality to hifi. I highly recommend that stay stock with everything and once you know your table you can look at a heavier platter. This is one area than can bring improvement but you have to choose carefully, they're not all good.

The Dynavector 501 or 505 arm is a great choice as recommend by Islandman or there's always the SME 3012-R, my favorite.

Have had dealings with Steve Dobbins and can recommend him for your 301. Have a Beat and received my 301 that he restored for me. Purchased one of his plinths and also the platter that he makes for the 301. Very happy.
Best of luck with your table.
I know both guys, and each is a craftsmen who is serious about his work. Both stand behind what they do.