Garrard 301 or 401?

Which are the sonic differences between garrard 301 and 401? Which is better with the rock music?

I suspect that there are more users of these on HIFI Wigwam or Vinyl Engine, you might want to check them for threads or post there. Also Audio Asylum.
I would go for 401 if you mainly listen to is newer design and about in that era. Both these tables benefit with updates and dedicated power supply!!!especially if you want the timing right for your rock music!
the 401 is ugly as sin, if that's an issue for you.
301 grease bearing is one of the top vintage idlers with Lenco L70 / 75 and Thorens TD 124 and EMT 930 . If you put it in a heavy plinth ( Giant ply or slate) it is a wonderful sounding turntable, with slam and dynamics hardly reached since.
I'd base the decision primarily on aesthetics-since they're basically the same design, you'd need to have a pretty nuanced ear to hear any difference between models. There will be a much greater differential for any given deck dependent on it's post-resurrection condition, and the plinth you use.

As for those aesthetics, I own a G301, but unlike (apparently) others, I think the G401 looks great-just different. Plus, they tend to be a bit less expensive. Either way, a good choice.
Only difference that might be relevant is that the 301 chassis appears to be made of heavier gauge metal, as compared to that of the 401. This would be an advantage in favor of the 301. However, I only own a 301 and have never seen a 401 "in the flesh", so take my opinion with a grain of salt unless it is reinforced by someone who has owned both. I have seen photos on the internet showing that the spindles of late 301s and the 401 are identical or nearly so; the same would likely be true of the bearing assemblies. To the best of my knowledge the motors are the same, as well. As you know, there are various opinions about the different platters used on the various versions of the 301 and then the 401. Grease-bearing 301s may be qualitatively different sounding from 301 and 401 oil-bearing tables.

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I would contact the Terry and gang at Loricraft.

Their knowledge of these decks is second to none. For what its worth, the 301 and 401 in their different iterations are might fine decks. Yes, the 301 looks nicer and better made but the 401 is more "advanced" but was less well made. The quality metal finish means the looks of the 301 beats the plasticky look of the 401.
FYI My dad had a 301 for close to four decades. Amazing product, matched to a McIntosh 275.