Garrard 301 and 401 .....same platter?

Can I use the platter of a garrard 301 in a 401 and viceversa? (if not, what are differences?). Thanks in advance
They will both fit the spindle the same. The differance is the 401 platter is recessed for its own mat and the 301 is not with its own mat. If the platter comes with a mat, no problem. If not maybe an aftermarket one would work although rolling mats usually puts you back to the original in regards on how they sound.

The stock mat sounds muddy and confused compared to some of the better aftermarket stuff. $30 on the Herbies mat will net huge gains. After that try the Boston and Acromat.
great, so original platter are the same except the mat issue right?, thanks.
thanks for the information.