Garrard 301

I have recently brought my late Dad's 301 from Ireland to the USA. I hear that even with the 60 cycle change the etchings on the side of the platster will be wrong. Has anyone worked around this without completely replacing the platter?

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If you want to use your original European strobe platter to check speed here in the States, there is a battery powered strobe light that is made to work with the 50Hz Garrard platter.
I heard that several people just buy the "PS Audio P300II+ with Multiwave". You can change the voltage and the frequency. Do some research on it..

Look here: Keystrobe Turntable Essentials

These folks make a replacement strobe and pulsar unit for Garrard 301, 401 and 124 decks that negates the need for frequency-specific platters. They seem to be reasonably priced as well. I am contemplating a 401 rebuild project and I plan to use this unit.