Garrard 100 Zero SC

I have an opportunity to acquire a Garrard 100 Zero SC that, from all accounts, seems to be in excellent condition. Wood plinth, arm, platter, even the acrylic cover are in immaculate condition. No cart. However, I have no idea what its value might be, therefore, no point of departure to make an offer. Would welcome a more learned opinion. Thank you!
I had a Garrard Zero 100 at one time. I've owned 4 turntables and this was the worst by a long shot. It tore up records. Almost a pile of lathe chips on the inner grooves of the record after each play. Your asking for an opinion and I say the name says it all "Zero". Maybe others had better luck and a different opinion.
The Garrard Zero 100 was an interesting engineering solution to tracking error. Unique implementation of the design.

The cartridge shell was pivoted, and an auxiliary rod was attached to the main bearing and the headshell pivot such that the rod would rotate the headshell to keep the cartridge parallel to the record groove.

This design required extra mass for the rod and extra pivots. I recall that the extra weight, the extra pivot friction, and the extra vibration from lack of system rigidity compromised the design's effectiveness.

While this unit may be a collector's item for its age and possible rarity, you may not be pleased with how it sounds. So are you a collector or a listener?
Very, very high friction in the tonearm. If you insist on this table, get a very rugged cartridge
Stringreen was partly right,but forget the rugged cartridge get rugged records.It's a dog.A good looking dog,yet still a dog.I have one with the stainless steel plinth.Sweet looking.