Garrad 401 service expert in San Francisco Area

Do you know any Garrard 401 service expert in San Francisco Area, East bay or Bay area?
I would appreciate your feedback.
No clue. What's wrong?
@noromance , the speed on 33 was a little bit too fast. I tried to adjusted it with Speed Adjuster. now is fine.
However, it would be nice to know of there is a service expert of Garrard around, in case of ...
There is not too much that can go wrong with the 401, they are built like a tank. Get some good oil for the spindle (I use synthetic from Northwest Analog in the UK). If you can, lube the motor bearings with some good sewing machine oil.

I believe the 401 will last one hundred years or more with proper care. Aftermarket idler wheels and bearing/spindle assemblies are available, though bearing/spindles can be very pricey).

Enjoy your fine turntable. Regards,
Thanks guys...  That's a Garrard 401 with Jean Nantais plinth and sound wonderful with my Einstein the turntable choice preamp. I donwloaded the manual and helped a lot...

It came with original SME phono cable (RCA-RCA) and SME M12R and I need to change it.
I was wondering what do you use as phono cables?

Michel, I bought some fairly inexpensive 1877 brand cables. They haven't seemed to be a bottleneck for attaining good sound. I did pop for some Synergistic Research cables (they had to be fairly long at around eight feet to reach from my phono pre to my line stage). Probably my most expensive cable at around $800 for the pair.

Dan,  I looked at 1877phono cables and seems to be a fine cable especially with their Graphen sheilding.  There are very expensive cables but I always ask myself if their high-tag prices are really justified. After trying some, I became very cautious!

Thanks a lot,