Garrad 401 and SME V series ...a good combination?

would like to know if the SME series V is a good arm for a garrard 401. If not, what do you consider best options for a iddler drive TT and why?, thanks in advance
In what way are the demands of an idler drive different from, say, a belt drive? I haven't used one in decades and never thought about this when I did use one. Do they generate more internal vibration than a belt or direct drive? If this is the case then would they be better off with a fluid damped arm like the V? If the vibration is not a problem then I can't see how you would be limited in your choice; just use the one that best matches the cartridges you like.
thanks for your oppinion
Idler Decks are known for their powerful drive, superb slam and dynamics, not the end all in detail retrieval.

I think the SME V may be a bit on the overkill side unless your Garrard is competently re-plinthed and expertly mechanically restored and very carefully tweaked, sited footed and set up.

I believe you'll be thrilled with just about any quality
tonearm compatible with your cartridge of choice.

If you're wealthy why not, if not spend all that excess money on records, cartridges, and your system.

regards fredj
yes, the garrard has new plinth and has been expertly mechanically restored; because I can get the full potencial of my TT is why Im trying to use the best possible tonearm. What Iva eat hand besides the SME V, is an SME 3009 II and an Eminent Technology 2 linear tonearm, I have no experience with linears using air, but of course can learn. thanks again