Garcia Live Volume 9

Garcia Live Volume 9 - August 11, 1974 Keystone, Berkeley / July 28 Release

Anything with Martin Fierro is going to make me crazy happy. This stuff is gold.

I have a few different sources to this show, so I’m really looking forward to see how the transfer comes out.

I wish Garcia Live issues used Plangent Processing, but... no negativity here... this is LOM (Legion of Mary) in 1974... wicked excited!

To preorder GarciaLive Volume Nine: August 11, 1974 – Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders, go to:

* Side note: for you Sirius XM subscribers, Grateful Dead Ch. 23, every 1st week in August, is Jerry week and it’s the best week of radio all the year. This year is his 75th birthday, so you know "this place is getting HOT" !

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Ugh I truly hate Martin Fiero but to each his own.

@jond totally understand that.  I love him with Jerry in LOM.

But I get where your coming from ...  that's what makes music grate!

"One man gathers what another man  spills"

Pretty sure at least once I uttered the words "I got yer flute thing right here pal"  to a friend of mine. :-p
Anybody know if a digital version has been issued for one of the concerts with Garcia and Maria Maldar? That was one of my favorites.
which show peter_s? I know 78 Warner Theater was released pretty sure Maria Maldur is on that.
I've only seen JGB once, it's hard for me to know which releases are the best to own.
3/18/78 Warner Theater is excellent it's a Pure Jerry official release. The night before 3/17/78 Capitol Theater Passaic NJ is excellent if you can find it, it was never an official release but it's out there.
I will hightail my Jerry and John Tower Theater 1/25/1986, 96/24 to anyone here that request it. I recorded it and recently did a new transfer. I can also hightail 96/24 copies of Jerry and John from Capitol 11/24/84, early and late show. Shows I taped. These kick ars.
raymonda, I would love a copy of each. I can't figure out how to send you a private email. Thanks jond, I'll look for 3/18/78. Any suggestions concerning Legion of Mary? 
@jond, that sounds familiar. Were you able to confirm? It's been too long since I still had the tape!
@peter_s  yes Maria Maldur is on that show and 3/17/78 as well.
Goofyfoot try


Maria Muldaur – vocals

Pure Jerry: Bay Area 1978

Garcia Live Volume Four

Pure Jerry: Warner Theatre, March 18, 1978


 My all time favorite Garcia release

Garcia Live #3:

December 15, 1974, EMU Ballroom, Eugene, Oregon,

December 14, 1974, Paramount Theatre, Portland, Oregon

Thanks raymonda but I don't know that email address, so I'm a little bit confused? Thanks otherone, I'll try to procure a copy since I don't currently own any Legion of Mary recordings.
I don't see very much with Bill Vitt on drums. David Kemper was a beast. Ron Tutt, I'm unfamiliar with. How about the various Phil Lesh projects?
i am hoping for a release from Garcia's band Reconstruction.  LOM with more horns.  The music always reminded me of the theme from the Price Is Right!

@rawchuck 1979 Reconstruction is mega heavy shows. Those guys absolutely killed it night in and night out. Blessed to have most of them.

John Kahn formed Reconstruction in Jan'79 w Jerry and (4) jazz players...
... only about 50 shows in 1979 and ALL on the West Coast

I know the MOTB tapers made some unbelievable killer FOB recordings. Got may good SBD’s as well out there in circulation in bit-torrent-land

@goofyfoot I will get in touch tonight when I upload Garcia Live 3 for ya!!

On another note: Ron Tutt was Elvis Presley’s drummer. And amazing at that!

On New Years 1975 JGB included Bobby and Mickey and Billy... Ron Tutt couldn’’t be there because Elvis was playing in Las Vegas that night. Ron Tutt was crazy crazy good... but so was Kemper. Greg Errico also played in JGB and was pretty darn good. He was with Sly & the Family Stone.

* Gaylord Birch was the drummer for Reconstruction

Thanks otherone. All in all I prefer JG with the GD however his own projects carried some magical moments too. Would be nice if some remastered unreleased DVD video became available, possibly Blu-Ray.

This cuts in... but man this is this epic. I could literally watch this 4 minutes all day long over and over again....

This ain’t too shabby either...

Great release.  Love this show
Sounds really sweet.  Everything is there
Thanks! for sharing -otherone.