Garage Conversion

I am just starting to convert my garage into a dedicated 2 channel room with theatre potential using a Level 1+ Rives design. The garage is small, at 19' by 14.5' and ceiling will be 9' in the middle with a lower soffit perimeter. The Rives wave ceiling will float in the 9' region. Most of this will be DIY and will likely take 2-3 months. Currently I am just clearing out the space.

Anyways, I am looking for helpful suggestions on the construction from those who have gone through this before. I am trying to set a reasonable construction budget that allows for further improvements over time.

At the moment I am focusing on the power side of the equation. I have considered a separate panel, and/or perhaps an Equitech Transfer (2QB) to supply most or all of the equipment. Has anyone tried the VHaudio cryo'd romex? Seems a little crazy - is it worth it? All suggestions are most welcome. Thanks.
Remote air conditioning with very silent delivery or a ductless split system is very quiet.

There is a great thread on audiogon about staggering the studs...16" on center with varied studs in between and double layered drywall screwed and glued to eliminate vibration.

Run extra wiring everywhere, including Cat-5 for future use. Wire for TV upgrades in the future, projector and plasma.

If you are putting in a new floor (floating), run wire under that too. Bass shakers and even rope lighting and more.
My advice is to get a Building Permit. Garage conversion from non-habitable to habitable space can get tricky. Code requirements differ based on the use of an area/room.
The electrical is best if you can uses different legs of the panel for circuits the system will share. It seems one leg is quieter than the other and you can isolate certain componets easier. I addition to Elevick advise i woul look at where you might possibly ever want to have speakers, phones, computer etc and run conduit and double gang boxes with single gang drywall plates. Then you can have single wall plates with the ability to expand to double if needed in the future.