GaN Class D amps are already outdated, it's time for GaN on Diamond!

The title is a bit of a troll for everyone who kept saying that Class D wouldn't be high-end until GaN transistors appeared.

But the truth is advanced GaN transistors on diamond substrates may be coming soon, further elevating the switching speed and power efficiency.

Will they sound better?  Meh, I like early 21st century Class D. :)



There is so much more in design then one component in the design 

one great part can help but it is the sum of the whole ,

the quality too of the other parts used ,let’s  see how it goes.

many have used theGan transistor as a marketing ploy

give it a fancy case and chsrge $20-$30 k for mono blocks 

I won’t say the names but several smaller companies used to be within reason 

now they think they are gold . I look much more for quality at a fair price 

the fancy machined case doesnot justify these  over priced items IMO.

The ONLY ADVANTAGE to a synthetic diamond base is heat transfer. But Class D already has that mastered. So where does this get you?? NOWHERE!! Class D audio amplification is NOT the purpose for a diamond substrate!! This is just so incredibly idiotic st SO MANY LEVELS!!!