GaN based SU-R1000 Technics Integrated Class-D, review by TAS

After their unobtainable and unaffordable ground breaking 1.5mhz switching speed, Technics SE-R1 GaN Class-D power amp, this new offspring integrated has finally gotten an in depth review.

I had high hopes for Technics "fully optioned" SU-R1000 integrated, "looks" like my hopes could be founded, here is the The Absolute Sound’s 7 page!!! review on it, enjoy.

Cheers George
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The editor here says that A/B amps are "near perfect". WAY off...

The review’s criticism fly-in-the-face of what every other review has said about these. Earlier digital-D’s -whether Technics, Lyngdorf TDAI or NAD M32 had no such complaints. Neither did Cordesman (at TAS) on this unit.

Remember, these don’t need a D/A or preamp before the power stage. They are 'disruptive’...
I’m no EE, but I thought we can draw up to 1800 watts from the outlet. Are power supplies *that* wasteful ?
Unless he's a robust 82. They just can't hear above 15kHz, but maybe it's not even this high.