GaN-based Class D power amps

The use of GaN-based power transistor tech is now emerging for Class D audio power amplifiers. Seems appropriate to devote a forum thread to this topic. At least 3 companies have commercial class D amps in their books:

Merrill Audio, with their model Element 118 ($36k per monoblock, 400 W into 8 ohms, 800W into 4 ohms), Element 116 ($22k per monoblock, 300 W into 8 ohms, 600W into 4 ohms) and Element 114 (coming soon).

Review of Element 118 at this link:

ADG Productions, with their Vivace Class D amp ($15k per monoblock pair, 100W into 4 ohms). (The designer emailed me indicating he has another product in the pipeline.)
Review of the Vivace Class D moniblocks at this link (warning: link might not work (1/11/2019)):

Technics SE-R1 Class D stereo amp ($17k per stereo amp, 150WPC into 8 ohms, 300WPC into 4 ohms)
Preliminary review of the Technics SE-R1 at this link:
Technics also has a lower priced GaN-based class D integrated amp in their catalog:

Anyone listened to or own any of these amps?

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Just a clarification... There is no GaN-based technology in the Pascal modules used in Rowland amps.

Regards, Guido


If these new Class D amp have as little parts inside as the other types of Class D amps, I would  spend my money elsewhere.
There is no GaN-based technology in the Pascal modules used in Rowland amps.
No there isn’t.
Some of Rowland’s that use Pascal modules, started of from Sangway Class-D modules from China.
As can be seen here in the Rowland Contiuum 2, and the same module in these subwoofer plate amps.

Rowland Continuum 2

Marani plate amp (upside down compared the above Rowland)
And in these also

Sangway Factory tour China.

Cheers George
Not saying Guido all Rowland's have Chinese Class-D modules in them, I've just found the Continuum 2 amp so far.
I've yet to go looking for other internal shots of Rowland models to see if they are, or are their own modules.

Cheers George     

George, please do not contaminate this perfectly good thread dedicated to GaN technology with your irrelevant paperholic conspiracy theories... I invite you to move post material that have nothing to do with GaN to one of the other class D threads.... Best would be the Future Of Amplification thread. 

Regards, G.