GaN-based Class D power amps

The use of GaN-based power transistor tech is now emerging for Class D audio power amplifiers. Seems appropriate to devote a forum thread to this topic. At least 3 companies have commercial class D amps in their books:

Merrill Audio, with their model Element 118 ($36k per monoblock, 400 W into 8 ohms, 800W into 4 ohms), Element 116 ($22k per monoblock, 300 W into 8 ohms, 600W into 4 ohms) and Element 114 (coming soon).

Review of Element 118 at this link:

ADG Productions, with their Vivace Class D amp ($15k per monoblock pair, 100W into 4 ohms). (The designer emailed me indicating he has another product in the pipeline.)
Review of the Vivace Class D moniblocks at this link (warning: link might not work (1/11/2019)):

Technics SE-R1 Class D stereo amp ($17k per stereo amp, 150WPC into 8 ohms, 300WPC into 4 ohms)
Preliminary review of the Technics SE-R1 at this link:
Technics also has a lower priced GaN-based class D integrated amp in their catalog:

Anyone listened to or own any of these amps?


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I suggest you two read the topic of this thread and take your issues elsewhere.

I also do NOT appreciate your taking down the other thread as it had very useful information. The only reasons to do so was because the product is no longer in production and because of your personal issues. Really, are we to take down all threads with that criteria?!
Before I ask that we get back on topic, I'll throw in my two cents:

while I realize many have "no option" but to purchase Chinese products, surely that does not apply to audio, does it? With so many non-Chinese offerings, why in the world would one prefer to buy from a country that blatantly copies the hard earned technology of other audio companies, cheats at almost every opportunity and promotes that as a national mantra?

Oh, right, it's all about the price. Really? Well, I'll count myself as one of the fortunate who can afford to purchase audio worthy of my wallet and morals.

Now, can we all just get back on topic?
You must have a speaker with a 2 ohm load?? ...If you really want to hear what your $$$$$ investment in the amp is all about, it works out better if the amp loafs for a living. It'll sound smoother, with more detail, more like real music.

Yes, I agree with this. My H2O Audio S250 Signature was made to run the 1-ohm Apogee Scintillas effortlessly.

I have heard this amp run them as well as other speakers with more typical, "loafing" impedances. Yes, it runs effortlessly and sounds terrific.

Imagine GaN, just a simple, big, old-school analog power supply. Plus, it's been available for over 10 years now.

Now let's get back on course and chase every new "latest and greatest" that comes along.