GaN-based Class D power amps (Corrected OP)

The use of GaN-based power transistor tech is now emerging for Class D audio power amplifiers. Seems appropriate to devote a forum thread to this topic. At least 3 companies have commercial class D amps on the market: 

AGD Productions, with their Vivace Class D amp ($15k per monoblock pair, 200W into 4 ohms).

Review of the Vivace Class D monoblocks at this link:

Merrill Audio, with their model Element 118 ($36k per monoblock pair, 800W into 4 ohms), and Element 116 ($22k per monoblock pair, 600W into 4 ohms).

Review of Element 118 at this link:

Technics SE-R1 Class D stereo amp ($17k per stereo amp, 300WPC into 4 ohms)

Preliminary review of the Technics SE-R1 at this link:

Technics also has a lower priced (~$4,000) GaN-based class D server/integrated amp that includes a GaN FET driver stage:

A review is available at this link:

Anyone listened to or own any of these amps?

[Note: this is a corrected, Original Post of an earlier thread having the same name.]
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I brought up what was, I felt, some interesting technical aspects of class D amps, in the prior thread. And in what that may mean for GaN, in some respects (for new and old Class D design/outcome)

Although these given points can be contentious. And Are. Which is why I’m not sure it needs to be mentioned again. Audio is emotional, and logic and the data (or attempts at such) can be perceived as barbs. Then the problem of being seen by some to be messing in other’s affairs, and so on.

Complex data in complex scenarios in almost purely emotional areas of personal assessment- personal assessment based on a very real physical individuality. A nasty mess it can be.

A place where the armchair quarterback ~really is correct~. Each of them. With all their individual answers. Reaching consensus? Not possible. But war is always in the offing.... So, with those thoughts, I’ll leave it in the old thread...

I'll say that I too am interested in the given GaN class D design efforts, and leave it at that...
The sole purpose of this new thread is to simply correct the errors I had in my OP of the other thread regarding certain amp specs, pricing and products.

The other thread will remain—at least I will not remove it. 
I encourage folks to post to the other thread instead of this one. It’s more developed.
Anyone paying that much for class D hardware is getting ripped hard. 
I have no doubt Class D is very attractive to high end amp vendors in that it provides a possibility of building a high performance product that can compete in the high end and achieve a greater profit margin needed to compete in that small niche market.

It’s also attractive for all the other vendors that do not play in the high end market in that they can build a similar high performance product for less and also price it to sell to a much larger market.