GamutT DT-150 intergrated

I believe this is new for 05'.Has anyone had a chance to listen to it? The dealer said it compared well to GamuT separates in his opinion.I will hear it for myself in about a month.Trying to do a little research until then.
I have listened to it a few days ago. It is really impressive. It has a warm and detailed sound. The finishing is first class and the blue lights are really beautiful. Apparently it does not posses the same power of the separates, but that is noticed at really insane loud plays by a little compression. You have to carefully AxB test it to notice it.

In my humble opinion it is the best integrated available in the market.
Rodrigojr,Sorry for my slow reply,I have been gone.
What type of speakers did you have a chance to listen with?
Hi Arbuk

I listened with the GamuT L5 speakers.