Gamut Speakers....Anyone? Hello?

I have been conducting in-home auditions with extended review time with Gamut Speakers recently. Last month, I reviewed the mew M3 for and I am now working on a review of the M5. As it happened, the M5 had to go to a costumer earlier than expected so I was provided with a pair of the M7s for the "fun of it" (and boy are they fun..)

So, this week, I decided to do some additional research and was taken aback by the dearth of reviews or even user comments regarding Gamut speakers....

IMO, they are very good speakers and represent remarkable value and I through Google would have dug up a lot more information than it did...

Any comments or thoughts on this?
I have the L5s and am very happy with them; there is a pair currently on Audiogon. The truth is there apparently were not many pairs of the L series in the US; I bought mine with no audition based on extensive research. I considered applying for a dealership but the M series is out of the price range that would sell here in the backwoods of audio. They are not easy to drive but are a real bargain used; really handsome as well.
A pair of L7s just became avalable on here, if I didn't have the 5s I would be looking at them even if they are probably too large for my room. A good deal for someone.
Do you know what the difference is between the L and M models? The appear very similar...
My current reference is the S7s. After using Quads for the past 25 years,I auditioned a pair over at KT Audio and fell in love with the sound. These are full range and easier to place in my current audio room than Quads. I am still a Quad lover but the Gamuts are also special. The cabinet construction on the S series are different from the rest. The difference between the L and M models seem similar. You will have to ask Tom(KT audio) or Lars(Gamut) what is the difference ?. The L7s and L5s thats up for sale now here are a very sweet deal. I dont think you can find better for the price. All of the Gamut products are excellent but you may find that their speakers are their crowning glory.
When I looked at the M5s it appears to me that they are not the equal of the L series. They are actually cheaper and the cabinet work does not appear to be as good; square rather than rounded as the Ls are. Also the M5 appears to have the same drivers as the L5 [ same size at least] but is 20 to 25 lb lighter. Go for the Ls if you can find one.
L7s were my primary speaker for about 6 years until I replaced them with YG.  I also owned the L3.  Impressive speakers, both.  The L7s are a bit difficult to place properly with their dual ported bass but once you dial them in they present a rewarding soundstage.  They were surprisingly easy to drive considering their size.  What most impressed me was their ability to play at volumes that would induce deafness without a hint of stress on the speakers.  Hard to find a speaker that plays intricate classical musically delicately and accurately but then allow you to put on heavy metal and have the police visiting.  I recently heard the SR3 and simply could not believe the astonishing bass that little unit can put out.  I guess it should do something amazing for$20k list. My L7s were also the finest piece of furniture I ever owned.