GamuT S-7 or S-9 speaker

What are your impressions of this speaker at the RMAF? The S-9s were in a large room in Denver,but how did they sound?

The only review is of the S-7, very favorable.

And what about GamuT electronics in general?
I have the CD 3 and am extremely happy with it and have had no mechanical problems. For a CDP and a SS one at that the sound is full with extended highs full mid range and a strong fast bass. If your thinking SS I'd definitely give GamuT a listen it has surprising fullness/warmth.
I listened to the Gamut room and was most impressed. There have been criticisms in the various show reports, particularly , of the first day, but I thought they were great. That means the whole package, including the electronics. The sound was powerful and authorative, detailed and neutral, but lacking the SS amp edge and harshness, which drove me to tubes.
The Gamut amps and CD players have a good reputation of course. I do'nt know enough about alternatives, to suggest one. Except, I did read a review, I think on 6moons, saying the Accuphase amps were a bit more musical, tube like, than Gamut. For me then, that would push me to Accuphase or Luxman, which I personally would buy, if I was not sold on SET's
i just bought gamut s7 speakers and i was shock by the sound of this amazing speakers. shock shock shock, i had wilson maxx 2s, lumen whites, utopias, but this speakers are out of this world. my previous experience with audio gear was change a gear you have subtle difference of sound but when tom told me he was sure of big difference with sound i didint believe him at first but im so happy i did it.
I too have now got L7 speakers and really love the sound. Im using a d200 mk 1 amp and while I realise the mk 3 is recommended by many I would be interested in any comments about other amps that fellow audiogonners have teamed up with L7s.I moved from Kharma speakers.
After reading the Tone Audio review, I had to listen to the Gamut S7 with my own ears. Sometimes reviews can be too good to be true. I listened, and I ended up putting down a deposit for a pair. I decided to make a change after using Quads for the past 25 years. The S7s are an all around balanced speaker. They can sound like a mini monitor or a full range speaker depending on the music. They were delivered and I am really enjoying them. They are easy to fit into a reasonable size room, plus they are lovely to look at. If your pockets are really deep, the S9s can hang with anything on the planet.
I have the L7s and the only problem is they are hard to drive. My CJ 350 fine with them. I am not sure if they will work in my smaller room as I have moved from my house to an apt. have to listen more.

I have the M7 with rest of gamut electronics. Wondering what the S7 could bring me that I don't have already?
My room 18x12. Worry the s7 could be too big. The M7 are perfect here.
I love Gamut electronics and speakers. Class on their own.

According to the distributor an huge leap from M7 to RS7i. Not in the same league as far asĀ  the whole musical spectrum.